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Chipaios Modernos (New slave- traders)

Wood sculpture 2003 210cm x 87cm x 72cm

Chipaios Modernos

"During many years I was soldier. I have never grown up the category, and suffer as slave, but slave-trader was not the Portugese. They were our compatriots and so-called Chipaios because they mistreated their subordinators with whip. I wasn't the single case... This epoch served to my study, because when I went to Army Forces, I already was initiated in painting and sculpture and my gift of observation permitted me to learn slowly about the situation. One day I began my revolution - using intellectual ways. It wasn't easy in the Army. My discontentment was and is: they are our families, friends, whose make us slave. Inthe some way many Authorities (President, Minister, Directors, etc.) in the actual world (and not only in Africa) make their families slaves (in the contemporary form)."


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