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Gordon AhnAhnsisi

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Gordon AhnAhnsisi Portrait



1965  In Toronto Ontario

University of British Columbia Law, Graduate Studies, present
Professional Legal Training Course for B.C., completed 2003
University of British Columbia Law, Graduate 2002
University of British Columbia, 3rd year, GBA, 1998‑2000
York University, 4th year, English/Theatre, 1986‑1990
Gordon has been taught painting and carving by his uncles. He has been taught stories by his grandfather. He has recently worked and studied with Pitchegigwaneh who was taught by Norval Morriseau.

About the artist:
Donald Gordon AhnAhnsisi McIntyre paints in acrylics using a Woodland style, taught by his uncles, Martin and Wayne King, and Daniel Pitchegigwaneh, who studied under Norval Morriseau.  He also makes wood carvings, hand-drums and rattles. As well as canvas, Gordon has used paper, wood, walls, jars, drums, rattles and refrigerators to hold his images.
He worked with the Shamballa Festival, National Aboriginal Day, Aboriginal Awareness Week at the VAG, and at Britannia Elementary School as a special carving instructor.  Before,
in an attempt to not miss out on anything Don has been a lumberjack, waiter, fire-fighter, actor, stunt-man, teacher, painter, renovator, roofer, ranch-hand, roadie, advocate, stage-director, fisherman, consultant, playwright, guide, stage manger, coffee-bar owner, foster parent, director of a specialized residential youth resource and a professional kite-flyer. Don has written over nine plays from one act to full length.  He has had numerous short stories published in Fugue, Review and others.  He has work shopped the works of Saskatchewan playwright Pam Bustin (Saddles in the Rain and Magpie), as well as his own (Circle Games).  He has acted as consultant for Ten Dollar Word Publishing in Vancouver.  He has worked in various administrative roles in the arts community including theatre management throughout Toronto, assistant stage manager for the 1990 PEN festival, Front of House for Theatre Passe Muraille.

Gordon attempts to juxtapose the traditional style of his people with the modern world and the influences of life in the city. He combines traditional subjects and colours with non-traditional ideas and aspects to create images that stand out as his own.

Artist Residencies:
He lives in Vancouver with his daughter Jake and her snake.

Works and Exibitions:

  • Commissioned Poster for Vancouver Aboriginal Day 2006
  • Commissioned Album Cover for Aboriginal Blues at the Yale November 2005

  • Latin Quarter, Vancouver BC – July 2005- March 2007

  • Indigenous Bar Association Home Office- October 2005-present

  • Installation commissioned UBC Law School

  • Michaels & Co. offices – July 2004

  • Law Offices (Alphonse & Associates)-2006

  • UBC- Rattles & Drums display September 2003


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