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Works of Abraham Stein "Between Virtual and Real"

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 1. shouldnt have come here (2010).jpg2. run...(2010).jpg

  1. Shouldnt have come here (2010)  2. Run...(2010)                                   3. Trust me, dont look back (2010)




4. I told you dont look back, you humans never listen (2010) 5. Perfect, these structure will amplify the polarity (2010)                                    Hello, anyone in the vicinity (2010)



7. Nobody was here (2010) 8. Wanna go up (2010)         9. This tranportation is too savage (2010)



10. See thats where the girl jumped from (2010) 11. Not high enough (2010)               12. Damn this planet, I shall build a scaffolding to the skies (2010)




13. Time to come up with a sketch (2010) 14. What if I'm stuck here forever (2011)         15. No something will happen (2011)





16. It must (2011)                            17. If I will be here for longer, might as well learn to live (2011)  18. Time to explore (2011)





19. This is a mad city (2011) 20. Who are you Mr. Dali (2011)                              21. A new bloom (2011) 





22. System reset, data defragmenting (2011)23. Hello, Malaysia, Hello Minut Init





Nazreen Abraham Stein




Minut Init Art Social



  • 04/04/2016 : Co-Artist, Curator, Escapism:An Interpassive Theatre (version 1.0), Minut Init Art Social.
  • 23 - 31/04/2016 : Artist & Co-Curator, Intersections (cube), Into the Vault (Site specific installation: Urbanscapes House (underground vault)
  • 13-14/05/2016 : Artist & Co-Curator, Minut Init X Lena Kravchenko Cube Installation (Site specific installation: Hari Belia 2016 @ UPM)
  • 05-12/08/2016 : Co-Artist & Curator, In Collaboration with Basement 6 Collective, Shanghai presents: (Wang Rou) 网肉s SHOW (Streamed Live via LivingRoom.Today), Minut Init Art Social.
  • 17/09-19/09/2016 : Co-Artist, Kitaran Art Festival commissioned sculpture and performance, Legoland @ Johor Bahru.
  • 30/09-07/10/2016 : Artist & Curator, 6 years of Minut Init Poster Exhibition, Minut Init Art Social.


Theme/ topic/ issue of the work: 

Exploration of Consciousness and Identity through a semi-fictional  (alternative facts) narrative of one's life.


Context, contextualisation of the work?

The artworks submitted were my own personal artistic explorations before my involvements with Minut Init. It is my purest form of artistic expression without further experience in the creative industry. This is a new beginning for me as an artist, to see where was my skills before and during my participation with Minut Init collective. The continuation of this “Minut Init : The Human Sacrifice” project would further expose my developments as an artist alongside Minut Init.


Do you see yourself as part of the global Art Community? 

Yes, I am part of the art community in Malaysia and are responsible for introducing plenty of new international talents to the local creative landscape.


Experience with „Artbusiness“ (Gallery staff, curators)?

Curator & Manager of Minut Init Art Social.


Why do you take part at the POA?

To showcase my truth and my first introduction as an artist (without my collective, Minut Init) based on my artworks instead of my curation. It is also my first public showing of my personal collections to gain feedbacks on my creativity and see how it has develop and evolved ever since. 


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