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Ahmed Díaz: "Esto [la obra] es parte de un proceso mas bien que estoy trabajando ahora, es el tema del consumo de las imágenes, lo artificial de la representación de la vida en las redes sociales y "el orgasmo" provocado por la satisfacción del ego en estas redes."
Translation: This artwork is part of a process I am working on in the moment; the topic is the consumption of the images, the artifical of the representation of life in the context of the social networks and the 'orgasm' provoked by the Ego's satisfaction in this virtual platforms.


Name: Esrom Ahmed Díaz Torres
Date of Birth: 05/--/86
Phone number: 83 40 43 59/22 60 50 91
Degree in Graphic Design from the University of Costa Rica.
Graphic line design for the Cervecería Artesanal de Occidente (CAO)
Graphic line design for NCY TRIATHLON Academy.
Volunteer at the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design.
Volunteer at the International Arts Festival 2014.
Design of posters and billboards.
Graphic line design for the Mulier Collective, female sculptural group.
Collaboration in the design of material for the 25th anniversary of ASEDEMASA.
Design of posters for the promotion of the National Dance Workshop.
1 year and 6 months as design assistant in the METICS unit of the University of Costa Rica.
Collaboration in the development of the graphic line of the project CONTRASTES, Radio U, University of Costa Rica.
6 months as assistant of photography and design in the Office of Disclosure and Information of the UCR.
Logo design for the Occupational Health Center of the UNED and design of material for the activities of the Day of Occupational Health organized by this center.
Experience in illustration for educational thesis, children's theme.
1 year of work in designing material for the promotion of healthy lifestyles in the health office of the UCR.


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