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Works of Fernanda Lenos "Between Virtual and Real"

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 Works of Lenos "Between Virtual and Real"



Fernanda Lemos
"My name is Fernanda Lemos and I'm 31 years old. I am Carioca, trained in painting by the Federal University of Rio de January (UFRJ). I worked 10 years restoring art and memory and today I work as an art teacher. Everything I do in my life I need to have passion. I'm exaggerated. I love traveling, meeting new people, Cultures, museums / galleries, good food and drinks.
I started teaching last year at a time when Brazil - and the world - were/is in serious crisis in several sectors (especially education). But the feeling I have is that I'm always swimming against the stream, trying to discover in the other something great for me.
Right now I study design and concept art."


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