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Works of Shen Xiaoming "Between Virtual and Real"

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 Works of the exhibition "Between Virtual and Real"


How to Move

Launched in 2010, photos were taken in the background of road space during China’s urbanization. The lense focuses on multiple ways of commuting and road right tactics in different sectors of society. Photos were taken in Asia and Europe. It collects a large number of samples for personal commuting tools in different cities at different urbanization level.


Shen Xiaoming
Formal name, SHEN Xiaoming, born in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, Columnist, Photographer.He focuses on China’s urbanization. Bai’s photos have participated in many Chinese and overseas contemporary art exhibitions. As a council member of NGOs such as QianAi and Retumu, Bai puts efforts in Shenzhen marine ecology protection work in recent years.

Bai’s blog(, now closed) has received media prizes by Deutsche Welle and Radio Netherlands Worldwide. Bai is doing longterm photo shooting project on a big scale as “I Live Here”, “Government Building”, ”How to Move”.

2012-2013 Hongkong Sovereign Asia Art Prize Final 30

Media Report:

appearance between minute 24:30 - 27:50

2007 Get it louder exhibition

2007 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism /Architecture

2009 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism /Architecture

2011 Milton Keynes Community Exhibition

2012 He Xiangning Art Museum Cross-Strait(The four regions across the straight) Art Exchange Exibition

2016 hereisZINETokyo



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