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Wei Yuan


Born in 1979, Chengdu people.

He has been engaged in graphic arts, interior, display, UI and other aspects of design work,
college art knowledge and sketch basic course teaching work, at the same time to carry
out the work of art, Oil painting, illustration and sculpture creation practice.

Is mainly engaged in oil painting and art teaching.

Work performance

1999 Mianyang City "51" Labor Square sculpture design, participation in the design

      Chengdu Jin Li building lobby fresco, involved in drawing

2000 Completed Chengdu "Star of the Stars" club interior wall painting (total 347 square meters)

2006 Participated in the 2006 Spring Art Salon in Chengdu, exhibiting works of art: "Pirated 06 Spring Show"

      Complete oil painting "Butt Series 1" (1200 * 1200)

2007 Complete the oil painting "Hey Woman" (700 * 700), "Butt Series 2" (1200 * 1200)

2008 Participated in the 2008 Spring Art Salon Exhibition in Chengdu, and exhibited as follows: Oil Painting "Water Bar Series" 5 (1200 * 900)

      Complete painting "mainstay" a total of three (triple painting, 1500 * 1500)

2010 Completed the painting "Two Lama" (1200 * 1000), "small square and wing" (1000 * 800), by the portrait characters Zhang Yi and Oliver couple private collection

      Complete the painting "portrait of Li Zhi" (1000 * 800), by the portrait character folk singer Li Zhi private collection

      Complete the "grandmother portrait" (800 * 900), "Lafayette" (1200 * 900)

      Completed in Yibin two figures bronze sculpture "Ms. Zhao Yiman" (3500 * 950 * 550), whole body image

      Complete the history of Yibin two history of aluminum etching a total of ten

2011 Complete the painting "Ma Yan portrait" series (1200 * 600)

      Complete the Xinjiang Makai County Cultural Square series of environmental sculpture group

      Complete the painting "Shi Shizun" series (1000 * 800) 3 pieces

2012 Completed painting "Love affection" series (900 * 700) 3 pieces

2013 Completed design of embossed wall of Lingshan Square of Leshan Institute of Science and Technology

2013 completed Yibin two theme metal embossed "line of the wall" series of three

Exhibition experience

In 2014, the oil painting "world division · Qian Mu" to participate in the first "Ya Chang · Poly new forces" Nomination Exhibition

In 2014, the painting "Master Shunde Liang Shuming", "Shishimun · Qian Mu" to participate in "back to the open" the first art culture magazine academic invitation exhibition

In 2014, the painting "from the statues · Reading" to participate in the sixth Chengdu spring art salon

In 2012, the painting "Shishizun" series to participate in the fourth Chengdu Spring Art Salon

In 2008, the painting "in the water bar" series to participate in the third Chengdu Spring Art Salon

In 2006, the performance art "pirated 06 spring show" to participate in the second Chengdu spring art salon exhibition

Previous positions

2012-present 2CRAZYONES Digital Application Development Co., Ltd. Artistic Director and Art Team Leader

Since 2010, Chengdu Han Fei Architectural and Environmental Art and Design Co., Ltd. Environment and Art Consultant

2008-2009, Chengdu City, cultivating culture and art institutions, art consultants and art teachers

2008-2009, Chengdu University, School of Film and Television, Computer Graphics, 2D Image Processing and Film and Television Arts

2005-2007 Chengdu City, Chengdu cultivate culture and art institutions of art consultants

From 2003 to 2004, Chengdu Dongfang Jashe high - end design firm creative designer

Personal Contact

Mobile phone: 13551887636 18628196019

QQ: 45336102


Postal address: Room 602, Unit 4, Auspicious Garden, 69 Gardenia Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China.



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