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Dan Raul Pintea

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Basic information


Dan Raul Pintea was born August 3, 1981, in Romania. He studied fine arts at the University of Arts and Design from Cluj Napoca (RO), were he also sustained his MA in 2006. He worked there for a year as an Silskscreen Tehnician, but seeing that he cannot develop his own projects he returned to Sibiu, to prioritize his thoughts. Aware of their power he quickly become interested in expressing them trough direct, efficient, visual tools. His work and overall approach to art is rather untypical but at the same time they reflect inoculation situation in culture and society. Since 2007 he exhibited at Ivan Gallery (RO), 26 Gallery (RO), Anca Poterasu Gallery (RO), Victoria Art Centre (RO), Sala Dalles (RO), Trypthycon (DE), 115 Gallery, Visual Kontakt (DE), Program Gallery (PL) Pavilion (RO) and Studiobruck (RO) Now he is represented by Anca Potersau Gallery, with whom he participated to Preview Berlin Art Fair from Germany, in 2011.

Selected Exhibitions

2013 Dragoste si Iubire / In love & love, Studiobruck, Sibiu, RO / solo Artist Talk: Thought is Perversion. For it is a product of yesterday, Pavilion Unicredit, Bucharest, RO Common Nostalgia, Pavilion Unicredit,

         Bucharest, RO / group ( curated by Eugen Radescu )

2012 Expo, Artisti, Comix, Tarfet, Carol 53, Bucharest, RO / group Esemplasstic Ability of Imagination, Anca Poterasu Gallery, Bucharest, RO / solo

2011 Prisma, Program Gallery, Warsaw, PL / solo ( curated by Marcin Kowalik ) Prisma, Visual Kontakt, Ulm, DE / solo Prisma, Visual Kontakt, Oradea, RO / solo Preview Berlin Art Fair, Berlin, DE / group Mindstream / Night of

         Galleries # 5, Anca Poterasu Gallery, Bucharest, RO / solo Omul sfinteste locul dar naravul ba, Galeria 115, Bucharest / RO / group The Other Body - Celalalt Corp, Victoria Art Centre, Bucharest, RO / group Iwano

         Project, Museum of Contemporary Arts of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, RS / group

2010 The Third 6, Little Yellow Studio, Bucharest, RO / group ( curated by Cosmin Nasui ) Gratis, Papergirl in Sibiu, The Contemporary Art Gallery of the National Brukenthal Museum / Office Exhibitions, Sibiu, RO / group

         Zacusca Urban Arts, Trypthycon, Münster, DE / group New, 26 Gallery, Bucharest, RO / solo ( curated by Adrian Bojenoiu ) Playground, Astra Library, corp B, Sibiu, RO / group ( curated by Liviana Dan )

2007 Siesta by Innovainteriorism and Little Yellow , Inova, Bucharest, RO / group Habitat / Night of Galleries, Ivan Gallery, Bucharest, RO / solo ( curated by Stefan Tiron ) 2006 Otaku Festival, Centrul National al Dansului,

         Bucharest, RO / group XVI Salon International de Bande Dessinée, Sala Dales, Bucharest, RO / group

2005 XIII Vila Nova de Cerveira International Biennial of Art, Villa de Cerveira, PT


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