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Otgonbayar Ershuu (aka OTGO)

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Works in the Temporary Exhibition


Hun - Detail A

Hun - Detail B


Portrait 2


Basic Information

Date of birth: 18.01.1981

Place of birth: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolei

Nationality: Mongolian

Documentary about the artist

1996 Middle school 77 in Ulan-Bator
1998 technicum for production and public service, Ulan-Bator
          special qualification: traditional mongolian painting
          diploma as artistic painter
2002 university of sience and technology, Mongolia
          qualification: industry/technology and design
          bachelor in technical sience
1999-2005 self-study of mongolian miniature painting in Mongolia
since 1998 free artist
since 2005 working as independent artist in Berlin
2007-2010: Master Studies "Art in Context" in Berlin (Universität der Künste)
Opening of Gallery ZURAG for Mongolian Art in Berlin

Vocational Development
1996 first exhibition in the cultural palais of the Mongolian children in Ulan-Bator
2001 participation in the exhibition of the "Mongoliandays" in Tokyo.
2001 exhibition of Mongolian artists in the German ambassy in Ulan-Bator.
2004 exhibition in the museum of arts in Ulan-Bator.

Single Exhibitions
2007  Adelhausermuseum Freiburg, Germany
2007  Mongoleizentrum Freiburg, Germany
2007  Deutsche Bank, Berlin, Germany
2007  Munich, Germany
2007  Örbero, Sweden
2009  Örbero, Sweden
2009  Konstanz, Germany
Participation in Group Exhibitions:
2001, 2002, 2004 Tokyo, Japan
2005 Wittenberge, Germany
2006 New Delhi, Indien
2008 Ensisheim, France
2008 Prague, Czech Republic
2008 Amsterdam, Netherlands
2008 Stockholm, Sweden
2008 Zurich, Switzerland
2008 Paris, France
2008 Berlin, Germany
2009 Berlin, Germany
2010 Weilrod-Mauloff, Germany
2010 Berlin, Germany
2010 Berlin, Germany

Studies about Mongolian art, Buddhist art and normadic culture
about 600 studies "Buddhism"
about 100 studies "historical development of the tradition normadic tent"
about 60 studies "shape and decoration of the Mongolian saddle"
about 50 studies "old Mongolian Arts and crafts"
about 250 studies "Nomadic utensils of the daily life"


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