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Cartes de visite, revisitadas

Material: Gelatin silver print on texcote board, Size: each: 10 x 6.5 cm.

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Cartes de visite, revisitadas


Cards of visit, revisited

Cartes de visite, revisitadas. Guatemala City.

With my fotos I wish to tell the story of the culture and the times in which I live. I do direct analog photography in an urban surrounding or in areas connected to it. Of object, public or private space and persons, either half surprised or posed. The scene as the centre of attraction is constituted by the City of Guatemala. It motivates me to illustrate the diversity which surrounds me. The pretension is that the one who observes also might reflect about respect to the diversity in everyday life. A life marked by liberty, responsability and development of all it's members.

Cards of visit are known since the middle of the XIX century as objects made to please. They legitimated the identity of the individual and the one of the other (in the pictures) and they can be mentioned as the antecedent of the photoperiodism (in cards of views and architecture). They were the most popular photographic format of it's time, it facilitated the circulation of images, they fomented and developed the collecting like never before. From the moment of its appearance to date it has happened much in the language of the visual signs, the original cards of visits are objects of desire and curiosity. I revisited the visiting cards in their form and reason. The images are part of the series Visiting Cards (1992-2006) anticipated to be exhibited in Guatemala City in the second semester of 2007. They also constitute material which will be used for the publication of a catalogue.


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