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Yoon Hee Kim

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Works in the Temporary Exhibition

Letter - Still
OkIsee - Still


Yoon Hee Kim - Porträit


Basic Information

Date of Birth: 1985
Place of Birth: Busan, South Korea

Current residence: Berlin, DE

2010-2011  MA in Fine Art, Utrecht School of the Arts and Design Utrecht, NL
2008           Exchange Study in Fine Art, Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem, IL
2004-2009  BFA in Sculpture, College of Fine Art, Hongik University, Seoul, KR

Solo Exhibitions
2013 One and... Poems, Joao Cocteau, Berlin, DE

Selected Group Exhibitions
2013  UNIVERSALSPRACHEN, Kleine Humboldt Galerie, Berlin, DE
2012  Re pulse,Joao Cocteau, Berlin, DE
2012  A Possible Scope, Frappant e.V., Hamburg, DE
2011  Worldwide Chain Letter Exhibition,
2011  Share the Square, Academiegalerie, Utrecht, NL
2011  Open Studio Fine Art, maHKU, Utrecht, NL
2009  Usefool, Mu: Gallery cafe, Seoul, KR
2009  Stranger than Christmas,Walgae dong 21, Seoul KR
2009  4th Start 2009 Exhibition, Cube Space, Seoul KR
2009  Final Show: Sculpture Dept. Modern Art Gallery,Seoul, KR
2008  Open Studio, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, IL
2008  One of One, 30 Koresh st. Jerusalem, IL

Award, collaboration and participation
2011 Nominated for HKU Award 2011,HKU,Utrecht
2011 Participating ‘Read-in’ group activity by Annette Krauss and Hilde Tuinstra,Utrecht
2011 Collaboration with Kathrin Hero for maHKU Exhibition featured in Metropolis.M
2011 Workshop by Henk Slager at Georgian Pavilion,Venice Biennale,Venice 
2010 Master Class with Wendelien van Oldenborgh,Witte de With,Rotterdam

Artist in Residency
2012 Culturia, Berlin

Artist Statement
"Begin with the arbitrary relationship between ’signifiant’ (image, sound) and ‘signified’(meaning)
in linguistic, I got interested in letters as images – which does not convey the meaning. So I took it
as mare of material attempting to explore the relationship between reading and seeing in the context
of art. And it led me to think about the positions in art – object, artist, and viewer ,paralleled with
the one in language – text, writer and reader.
Applying arbitrary system to transform one text into other forms (which you can see from the image
above, ’a possible scope’ 2012 – the music notation for the musical box came from each alphabets
in several poems) is a way of extending possible ways of seeing and taking it in different conditions
with different effects on(or by) viewers.
I consider my artistic practice as an on-going process within a notion of translation – adding and
extracting (or missing) from an original to create something new. Perhaps it is just like writing and
re-writing a story with following steps; writing the next line based on the former line."
by Yoon Hee Kim (2012)


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