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Chris Snyman

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Works in the temporary exhibition "Utopias"

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chris snyman


1967 born in Bethlehem, South Africa
Studied Art at the Pretoria Technikon School of Art
Goldsmith apprenticeship

Since 2005 he lives in Namibia.

He works in his own „ C- Ess Steel & Art „.

2009    Studio 77, Windhoek
2010    Studio 77, Windhoek
2013    Fine Art Gallery, Swakopmund – zusammen mit Papa Shikongeni

Chris Snyman take active part at several collective exhibitions in  Namibia.

2014 – together with ten artists he was chosen by the National Gallery of Namibia to present their works in a touring exhibition in Switzerand and the USA.

2011    bronze in the category two-dimensional art, National Gallery Namibia, Bank Windhoek Triennale



Which techniques and expressions are used in your art work?
Pen & ink, mixed media & oil for 2D works; cement, aluminum & bronze or a combination hereof for my sculptures

What topics do you cover in your art work?
Different topics, but mostly interpersonal relationships, situations or feelings sometimes also with a socially critical aspect.

The genesis of the art work
Ancient statues of the Romans and Greeks influenced me strongly. Especially where only basic fragments are left after years of decay. There is a human frailty linked and I try to portray this with a combination of steel and cement. -  There is in each of us striving for something better, on a higher level would be - hence the wings of angels in my artwork.

How and where do you create your art work?
Since four years I have my own design studio where I work daily, full – time, designing, creating, welding interesting steel works. My experience as a qualified goldsmith supports this process. My designs are initially simple sketches. The further elaboration begins in my mind's eye. - My two-dimensional work I start with a drawing on the weekend when I get more rest.

Experiences: Do have experience within the art industry? (galleries, exhibitions, museums)?
As creative artists, it's hard for me to market my work. I work with a local gallery and the National Art Gallery of Namibia. Both help me to make my work known internationally. or make me aware of certain projects that may interest me. A very good cooperation.

Why are you participating in this project “Project Open Art“? What motivates you?
The topic "Utopias“ attracted me and I believe my work does perfectly meet the theme. – I am pleased to introduce my art to a wider public. The Namibian art market is relatively small.


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