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Melyssa Superka

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Works of Melyssa Superka in the temporary exhibition "Utopias"

luminous rarities
toss and turn




melyssa superka

Basic Information:

Date of Birth: 16. 06.1991
Place of Birth: St.Catharines, Canada

York University – B.F.A, Sepc. Hons. Visual Arts, B.Ed., Inter/Senior Visual Art & French Studies
Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg, Germany (Summer Exchange 2013)
Degree:  Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts, and Bachelor of Education


Solo Exhibition:
Toss and Turn - Gales Gallery, January 2014

Group Exhibitions:
Up In the Air - Holt Renfrew group window instillation, April 2014 Edition and Multiplication - Gales Gallery, March 2014
Transference - Gales Gallery, March 2013
Kite-Specific - The Japanese Paper Place, November 2012
Open Show - Eleanor Winters Art Gallery, November 2012
Metropolis of Mediocrity - Niagara Artist Centre, June 2012
Enviroweek Concert and Art Auction - Greenbelt Arts, March 2012
PSYCHOPOMP - York University Open House, March 2012
The Drawing Area Show - Special Projects Gallery (York University), March 2011
SASSL heART Event - Toronto Free Gallery, March 2011
Why Print Now - Paper Pusher Publication, February 2014 (acquired in private collection)
Like An Open Book – Lulu Publications, May 2014

A few words from the Artist:

What were your inspirations for some of your art pieces?
Melyssa: “The feeling of lying awake in bed, trying to fall asleep but not being able to”.

How and where do you create your artwork?
Melyssa: “I focus mainly in printmaking, I need a studio space and specific equipment to  work with. This makes art production difficult because I can’t just do it from home, but it makes the studio space have a feeling of community.”

What kind of artist do you consider yourself to be a Global or Local artist, maybe both?!
Melyssa: “I am a Local artist in Toronto.”

Do you see yourself as part of the global art community?
Melyssa: “I see myself as a part of the print community, and maybe the small art community, but not a global community”.

Up until now, what has been your experience with the "Art World"  with gallery owners, curators, and museums
Melyssa: “Experiences with the art institution: I feel like I’ve had a limited experience in the art world outside of a school setting. In many cases, when it comes to getting little shows, it’s about who you know. Being friends with curators makes it more likely for you to be considered for a show. I’ve also had the experience of strength in numbers, applying for group exhibitions and splitting the work. When I applied for a gallery space in my final year of studies, the application process was intensive and off-putting, but once I was granted the space I had the freedom to self-install the work and do whatever I wanted.”
Why did you want to be a part of our project…what was appealing to you?
Melyssa: “Why did I want to do the project? This project was appealing in it’s efforts to link people together, maybe unlikely pairings from around the world, and put their work in a space that seems limitless.”


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