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Seung Youn Lee

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Works of Seung Youn Lee in the temporary exhibition "Utopias"





seung youn lee

Seung Youn Lee (Photographer)



Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea

Current residence: Seoul, South Korea

2007 Group Exhibitions: cafe BLOCK
2013 published photograph Collection <to see & go> in independent
bookstore <Your Mind>
2013 Art book <셔틀콕(Shuttlecock)> released by KT&G “Sangsangmadang”
2013- 2014 GQ KOREA
2013- KT&G “Sangsangmadang” Web-Magazine

Artist Statement:

I'm interested in the flowers at night, pieces that are scattered and
poured out the light at night time (and of course, also the light of
day), what happens on the street is my inspriartion, people and
objects in all their texture are among the things I meet.

On both regular and irregular basis I work individually, participate
in projects on websites, in magazines and books. Independet from
materials, I always focus on my vision.

밤의 꽃, 흩어지고 조각나고 쏟아진 것들, 밤의 불빛 (물론 낮의 빛도), 사람 혹은 사물의 결 등을 포함하여 거리에서
벌어지는 일들에 관심이 많고, 그곳에서 마주하는 것들로부터 많은 영감을 얻는다.

개인작업 외에도, 웹진, 매거진, 단행본 작업 등에도 정기적 혹은 비정기적으로 참여하면서, 내가 가지고 있는 시선을 소재에
구애받지 않고 어떤 방식으로 멋지게 풀어낼 수 있을까 고민하고 있다.


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