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Sipho Nkosi

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sipho nkosi

Sipho Lukas Nkosi
Tembisa, Johannesburg
South Africa

I am a 27 year old artist currently residing in Tembisa South Africa.
My strongest passion lies with the spoken word (Poetry recital and Hiphop performnaces in particular).
I started by writing poetry when i was in secondary school on the eighth class.
During the year 2006 I co-founded a group of three called Kronos-LogIQ which deals mainly with Hiphop music.
Our music speaks mainly about the realities of young people in S.A. particularly our struggles, facinations and what gives us joy.
I am also part and founder of a group called 21mic salute where we combine different people around the townships who are gifted in different arts and presentations. every year our non-profit organisation organises an event where we showcase these artists and then we collect the profits for charity (a homeless shelter known as Ubuhle Bezwe).
I am a lover of art in general and believe that art is a language of it's own that transcends borders, religions, cultures and more improtantly stereotypes. this is the reason behind my love of travelling. i enjoy seeing new places, meeting new people and sharing new ideas with other artists by broadening the bourders of what i think i know.

Sipho L. Nkosi
A.k.a. Kleezy.


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